Banksia menziesii, after dusk

405 x 510mm
Medium Oil on Linen


Currently showing at ‘Divided Space’ Future Shelter Gallery & Store from Sat 8th—Sun 23rd MAY 2021.

This exhibition presents Jane Coffey’s recent series of oil paintings exploring boundaries found within the urban and natural environments of Perth. These artworks have all been created since COVID-19 restrictions that were imposed in March 2020. Jane was inspired by her daily walks through North Perth and local urban bushland in Inglewood. The exhibition is divided into two sections. One section features paintings inspired by the ever-changing boundaries of remnant Banksia and Tuart Woodlands still found within Perth’s metro area. As a contrast, urban boundaries are explored through three paintings inspired by the North Perth town centre that were completed as part of the City of Vincent COVID Arts Relief Project.

One of a series of oil paintings on linen exploring the change in light after dusk. After the heat and brightness of the day, the leaves of the plants quietly soak up the restorative coolness of early evening. Many people fear visiting the bush at these times, yet it is one of the most transformative as the colours gradually fade to darkness.