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Glorious Bronzewing Pigeon

Ref/079 Dimensions 510 x 405mm Medium Oil on Linen SOLD — The glorious Common Bronzewing Pigeon. Medium sized, heavy built. Deserves to be celebrated.

Lemnos Street, Divided

Ref/078 Dimensions 455 x 610mm Medium Oil on Linen SOLD — The clearing of Lemnos Bushland commenced in early February 2019. Lines are drawn between areas to be saved and areas to clear.

Underwood Avenue, Divided

Ref/076 Dimensions 910 x 610mm Medium Oil on Linen Available from Future Shelter Gallery & Store — Underwood Avenue Bushland in Shenton Park was endowed to the University of Western Australia in 1904, is currently under threat from housing development by UWA. The structure of this painting is based on a