Karijini, Blurred Light of Weano Gorge

1010 x 760mm
Medium Oil on Linen


Oil on linen painting by Jane Coffey inspired by the changing light and spinifex of Karijini National Park. Currently available to view at Future Shelter Gallery & Store.

This painting focused on how colour is experienced at Karijini. At first you see light and dark extremes as the light and shade moves throughout the day.

When standing at the top of the gorges you first see the extremes of colour, then as your eyes adjust you see the subtle complexities of colour and shade. At first you see an area of spinifex, later you see the individual plants, and as you give the observation more time you can just make out the spinifex leaves.

Although there are no literal leaves painted here I wanted to create the same layers of observed complexity. From a distance you are still able to see the distance form of Weano Gorge.

Karijini NP is the traditional home of the Banyjima, Kurrama and Innawonga Aboriginal people.