Donnelly River: Extended view

560 x 6080mm (2 parts each 560 x 3040mm)
Medium Archival pigment on Archival quality 300gsm HP 100% Cotton paper
Ref/146 $1200

Each year the Donnelly River Village invites artists to visit the village and respond to the iconic 1950s timber milling village in WA’s south west. Six artists took part in the 2022 Donnelly Verandah residencies; Vicki Ames, David Carson, Jane Coffey, James Giddy, Julie Podstolski and Blake Poole.

This work is in two extended ink drawings. One showing the view from towering Karri trees at the front of house no.8, travelling across the road, beyond the house and to the towering trees at the back of the house.