Kings Park Botanic Gardens Art Installation

Jane Coffey has designed annual art installations for Kings Park Botanic Gardens since 2011. Subjects have included native trees, wildflowers, fungi, birds and regional WA. Jane can often be found sketching in the Botanic Gardens as research for this project.

The artwork is formed from cut vinyl that is installed in the windows of Aspects of Kings Park. Each mural compliments the local artworks and products that are sold at Aspects as well as celebrating the different themes each year. Transparent, printed and metallic vinyls are layered to create complex colours and reflections that interact with the viewer from inside and outside the store.

Elements from each installation are developed into bespoke lighting and home products that are available for sale through Future Shelter. Jane also creates smaller themed souvenir gifts for Kings Park Botanic Gardens.

Jane has also given artist talks explaining the process and development of the artworks. Jane has also featured many times in the Friends of Kings Park magazine sharing her thoughts behind the artworks.

Contact Jane Coffey for further information regarding commissioned artworks and bespoke products.