Unattended Forest on the Bibbulmun Track

910 x 1215mm
Medium Oil on linen

A view from the start of the Bibbulmun Track at Donnelly River Village heading towards Pemberton which features Blackbutt, Jarrah and distance Karri trees. Painted on location just off the track during the Donnelly River Residency 2022. The painting was left unattended for half an hour during a downpour of rain, during that time the lower half of the painting was smudged due to a kangaroo ‘exploring’ the painted surface. Imprints of the kangaroo’s nose can still be seen within the work. The focus of this work was to capture the changing light and the flow between negative and positive space within the background trees.

Each year the Donnelly River Village invites artists to visit the village and respond to the iconic 1950s timber milling village in WA’s south west. The six artists who took part in the 2022 Donnelly Verandah residencies were Vicki Ames, David Carson, Jane Coffey, James Giddy, Julie Podstolski and Blake Poole. For more info about the residency visit the Donnelly River Residency website.