Rain-soaked Karri Bark

505 x 765mm
Medium Oil on linen

Colour study painted ‘en plein air’ in Donnelly River Village at the base of the Karri Tree opposite house No.8. I wanted to capture the gradation of colour from bare bark to ground. The natural textures of the bark are captured in the natural slubs of the linen canvas which comes through where the paint has been scrapped away. Streaks of colour reflect the gradations and undulating forms of the karri bark.

Each year the Donnelly River Village invites artists to visit the village and respond to the iconic 1950s timber milling village in WA’s south west. The six of artists who took part in the 2022 Donnelly Verandah residencies were Vicki Ames, David Carson, Jane Coffey, James Giddy, Julie Podstolski and Blake Poole. For more info about the residency visit the Donnelly River Residency website.