Prescribed Burn Notification

208 x 455 x 16mm
Medium Oil on Linen, Banksia timber, charcoal.
Framing Bespoke Banksia Frame

Currently showing at GALLERY 152 as a finalist for the York Botanic Art Prize 2021. Please contact Gallery 152 if you are interested in viewing or purchasing the work.

Drosera menziesii and prey.

The Drosera plant is carnivorous, trapping insect ‘prey’ in their sticky pads.The wayfinding arrows in this work represent options for the local ecosystem; left for incineration, right for refuge. This is reflective of how cyclic burning is applied to the landscape; a line is drawn, fire is applied according to a human schedule. Hopefully the insects that escape the sticky traps of the Drosera species are offered some refuge during the next prescribed burn.