Prescribed Sanctuary Exhibition

Prescribed Sanctuary: Resilience and Refuge
Future Shelter Gallery & Store
Saturday 20th NOVEMBER — Sunday 19th DECEMBER 2021.

An exhibition of paintings and drawings exploring the complex relationship between native bushland and fire.

This exhibition continues Jane’s exploration of urban bushland spaces, this time focusing on the theme of controlled burning practices. This collection also relates to Jane’s painting that has recently been shortlisted for the York Botanic Art Prize 2021. Jane will be in the gallery space on Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday.

“It takes time for humans to build resilience. In our effort to seek refuge, we often turn to natural environments. ‘Time in nature’ is often prescribed as an antidote to anxiety and depression.

However, nature can also threaten our safety. We build our communities to be resilient but the threat to homes from bushfire is a very real one, many of us have at least one story from friends or family who have been effected by it. Prescribed burning is applied to the landscape to reduce the risk of bush fires. As we encounter more bushfires (potentially more frequent due to climate change), the tendency is to schedule more prescribed burns to reduce fuel load. Although protecting homes is important, protecting ecosystems is also essential. The insects, flora and fauna that pollinate crops and your garden need time to seek refuge during bushfires. Even fire resistant plants need time to mature to gain some resilience. It’s these conflicting actions and threats that are the subject of these paintings.”


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