No plant grows alone

“No plant grows alone” painting by Jane Coffey on Banksia timber shortlisted for the York Botanic Art Prize 2023

Dimensions H885 x D16 x W320mm
Medium Burnt Banksia timber, Acrylic, Oil


“No plant grows alone” painted onto Banksia timber will be exhibited in York from 26th November together with other artists whose work challenges traditional notions and conventions of botanical art.

Jane was inspired by the entire plant community found in the Inglewood Triangle Banksia Woodland. Rather than selecting one plant as inspiration, this work celebrates a whole ecological community.

This Urban Banksia Woodland community is also not ‘growing alone’ within our city. It is aided by a nurturing group of Friends who help its continuing survival through watering, weeding and revegetation activities. 

This painting also celebrates the importance of botanical research and classification that help us understand how these plants have evolved over thousands of years to survive in this nutrient poor soil. Their research helps us understand the unique biodiversity, the interconnectedness of plants and fungi, the impact of human development and climate change.

Colours in the work are taken from the plants leaves and flowers that change throughout the year and hope to convey that beauty and inspiration can be found at all times of year in this special piece of remnant bushland.”

You can view the final work from

26 NOVEMBER 2023 – 31 JANUARY 2024

York Botanic Art Prize 2023

Gallery 152
152 Avon Terrace York
Western Australia 6302
08 9641 2334