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Indigo Junction Lasercut Fence

Indigo Junction, Midland. Commissioned Lasercut Corten Steel exterior fence for Karnany Resource Centre. Jane created the concept, artwork and all production files. The design was inspired by Marri trees and local native plants as a welcoming entrance to this valuable resource centre. Founded in 1980,

Kings Park Botanic Gardens Art Installation

Kings Park Botanic Gardens celebrates WA wildflowers every September. Each year highlights a different unique aspect of the park. The theme for 2022 is 'RESILIENCE' of both people and the environment. Jane has been inspired by the many Friends groups that help protect and maintain the precious

IsoForm Sculpture

IsoForm Sculpture is a large scale steel artwork located on Great Eastern Highway and Ivy Street at Liebherr Perth, Western Australia. This long reaching steel arch that not only echoes the mechanical forms of Liebherr equipment, but also utilises the same the steel composition, connectivity and scale. Drawn elements

Resilience: Fernhook Falls

Ref/122 Dimensions 1020 x 1530mm Medium Oil on linen Framing Bespoke Jarrah Frame Exhibited as part of 'Prescribed Sanctuary' at Future Shelter. SOLD — Old growth trees show more resilience to fire than young trees. A large Jarrah tree found in the region of Fernhook Falls in the Walpole wilderness shows evidence of prescribed

Glorious Bronzewing Pigeon

Ref/079 Dimensions 510 x 405mm Medium Oil on Linen SOLD — The glorious Common Bronzewing Pigeon. Medium sized, heavy built. Deserves to be celebrated.

Banksia menziesii, marked, section C

Ref/075 Dimensions 610 x 910mm Medium Oil on Linen SOLD — This painting features an example of an urban Banksia menziesii in various stages of flowering. It is located in an area of remnant bushland in the Perth Metro area named the Inglewood Triangle. This Banksia menziesii can be viewed

Jarrah Bark Study

Ref/093 Dimensions 302 x 405mm Medium Oil on Linen Framing Handmade Jarrah Frame SOLD Currently showing at ‘Divided Space’ Future Shelter Gallery & Store from Sat 8th—Sun 23rd MAY 2021. This exhibition presents Jane Coffey’s recent series of oil paintings exploring boundaries found within the urban and natural environments of Perth.